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The Shelter


Gouves Animal Shelter is located in Gournes, Crete, Greece. Originally this area was an American military base and the Shelter building was a kennel for the military´s dogs. You can still see the name tags, of the previous occupants, on the oldest kennels. 

From this small kennel, the shelter grew to the new structure, it is today. We have around 50 kennels inside the shelter and 40 chain places.


The Kennels

All of our kennels are maintained daily and we try to make improvements whenever our finances allow us to do so. Every one of our dogs has shade so they are protected from the hot summer's sun, and they have shields to protect them from the cold wintery showers. The kennels also have a dog house, or a bed, depending on the structure of the kennel.

The Chain Places

We are working hard to get rid of the chains, so we can provide kennels for all of our dogs. In the meantime, we make do with what we have. Every dog on a chain has a dog house and long enough leash, so that they have room to move and play around comfortably. 

Puppy Places

Most of our puppies under 3 months old stay in smaller cages, to keep the environment as sterile as possible. Because the island has epidemics of Parvo and Canine Distemper, it is important to try and maintain certain level of hygiene. Unfortunately, as most of the puppies also come to the shelter full of parasites and this prevents us from letting them interact with othr pups until they have been vaccinated and treated. When they have been vaccinated and are healthy, we find them places in the kennels and let them interact with their friends.

The Sick Room

We have a small sick room / quarantine room for our furry friends who need extensive medical treatment and observation. We have recently build a few new kennels inside the room, so we have a bigger space to care for injured and sick dogs. 

The Cats

We take care of 200 cats every day and most of these cats live in feeding areas, around the shelter. We don´t have specific facilities for them, but we do take in the ones who are injured or cannot cope outside the shelter. These cats stay in the sick room, until we release them back to the streets, or find hem a foster or forever home.