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Ongoing Missions

Gouves Animal Shelter has many ongoing missions, since our purpose is not to only make the shelter better, but help the overall situation of unwanted animals in the island. At times this can feel like an overwhelming struggle, with no end, but giving up is not an option. To make the journey more easy to handle, we have both long and short term targets, that we hope to achieve with the help of our followers, supporters and co-operation partners, as well as with the government. 

You can read all about our ongoing missions, as well as past missions, and follow how close or far we are from achieving those targets. If you wish to help us achieve any of our goals, please donate, share our story or help in any way you can - any help is always much appreciated. 

We might not change everything in a month, or in a year, but in those times we can change so many lives and in long term, help make the whole island better place for the animals that have no voice. 

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