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Donate this winter

This holiday season choose a gift that makes a difference 

You can choose from the right the gift you want to order. A gift certificate will be sent within a week to the email where the payment was done for. 

15 Sponsoring for a month

Provide food for one shelter animal for a month.

30 Food for abandoned litter

Donate to provide food for a month to one abandoned stray family.

60 Neutering a stray

Donate so we can neuter a stray cat or dog from heavily stray populated areas.

100 Puppy package

Taking care of 1 puppies medical needs and food costs in foster home and ensure a better future for a puppy.

200 New dog house 

Donate for a new dog house so they can have a warm and weather proof shelter.


Donation Certificate with custom amount can be done from below:

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