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Emergency fund

Gouves animal shelter provides care and emergency treatment for animals that most need it. We try to help those who desperately need it, old dogs who have seen a lot, small puppies and kittens that have still their eyes closed, sick strays and animals that have been shot, hit by a car or neglected for years.


All of these animals have one thing in common, none of them would survive without help. We provide them with vet checks, blood tests, neutering, medication and surgeries to make sure they can have the best possible future ahead. Sometimes we might be to late, but we will always try our best for every soul that comes to our path. 

Unfortunately we can not provide the needed care with just good intentions and since we get no funding from the government or bigger organizations, our animals are depending on the individual people who support us. 

How much we owe to the vets right now



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