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Parvo outbreak

Within the past few weeks, about 60 new puppies were abandoned to the shelter. Most of them were found in cardboard boxes, left outside the shelter in the middle of the night. As these puppies usually are in bad condition, skinny, full of parasites and weak all in all, their chances of making it trough the vaccination program is small.

But to make things even worse, some of the newcomers brought Parvo to the shelter and now we have tens on puppies at the vets, fighting for their lives. We are trying to fund a quarantine area, so that we could minimize the risk of infection, but right now our funds are not yet there. As the vet bills keep piling up, we need your help to give these puppies a fighting chance.

Without vet care they are doomed, and most of them would die for sure. They need intensive care and IV treatment, but each day at the clinic runs our funds shorter. Please support these puppies so they don't need to die before they have even started to enjoy their lives!

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