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Gouves Animal Shelter is a Greek non-profit organisation, located on the lovely island of Crete.


We take care of over 200 dogs and 200 cats every single month, dedicating our time to make sure these animals have a new chance at life. We also have neutering and educational programs to help encourage change to the animal welfare laws and the attitudes of the people.

Animals who have been taking in by Gouves Animal Shelter have found their forever homes all over Europe and even the US, so wherever you are, if you are looking to adopt an animal, please have a look at all of our animals ready to start new lives. If you wish to support us by donating, or maybe volunteering, we welcome any help! We don't get any help from the government, so our volunteer work is financed by individuals like you.

Dog of the month


Meet the special dog of this month! This furry friend is sure to melt your heart and make you smile!

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