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Emergency fund

All the shelters around the island are full most of the time, with a waiting list as long as a year. We try to concentrate on the animals that cant make it outside, the ones who are sick, young, old, injured or in danger of being killed. But since we specialise with the animals that really need it, we also come across gross neglect often. A dog can have one leg hanging from a shred of skin, a cat can have half of its face melted, or the animal might look like a target wall, with bullet wounds all over. 

We can never say no to an animal like this but most of the time we lack the funds to help. Even though we have vets co-operating with us, that are willing to give us payment time, we already owe them thousands and thousands. This is why we try to collect an emergency fund, that will be used when ever there is an animal, that needs an urgent surgery or medical care. 

Note! We update the meters at least once a week, so be sure to check back and see how your donation made a difference!

Our current emergencies

Puppy with a broken leg

Boy with kidney failure

This little boy was found in horrible condition, suffering from Leishmania and malnutrition. With intensive care he is on his way to recovery.


Cat shot to the leg

Yet another story of animal cruelty on this island... This cat was shot with a gun and he got a broken leg because of the bullet.


Puppy hit by a car

This puppy was dumped to the national highway and of course was hit by a car. This resulted in nasty injuries and broken bones


Some of our pastemergencies and success stories

Boy with amputated leg

This poor boy was hit by a car and despite our best efforts, we were not able to save the leg. It needed to be amputated and now this boy is recovering in a foster.


German shepherd too weak to move

This German shepherd boy was found laying on the street in such a weak condition, it could not move! 


German shepherd with a back wound

This sweet old german shepherd was found with a horrible wound on the back. It was covered in maggots and smelled like dead flesh, so we didn't come moment too soon! Now this sweetie is recovering at the vets and hopefully will soon be completely healthy



This sweet black cat had a bad injury to the leg and needed to stay at the vets to get treated. Can you help us cover his costs?



This old girl was found with a serious hernia and rushed to the vet. Fortunately she made it and is on her way to full recovery!



Thommy was abandoned to the vets by his owner, after they demanded he was to be put to sleep for having worms. Instead the vet decided to call us!

70/70 €


This poor cat was found with a badly broken leg. Fortunately the surgery was a success and he is slowly recovering!

500/500 €

Cat with lung infection

This little cat was found with a lung infection and would have died within days. After months in the vets he's finally starting to recover!


Old dog with a leg wound

This poor little dog was found with a huge wound on the leg. The wound was infected and full of maggots, so the vet gave some intensive care. Now this poor little fella is recovering slowly and with some luck will be able to keep the leg!!


Puppy with a broken leg

This little puppy had a broken leg, but fortunately did not need a surgery. The vet just fixed his leg with a cast and now he is receiving some physiotherapy. Can you help us cover his costs?



Stravos was found in poor condition, nothing but skin and bones. He was covered in small wounds and had a bad ear infection. Blood tests showed leishmania and some parasite problems. He stayed at the vet to get intensive care and started his medication.



Shakespeare was found with a badly broken leg. We faced the difficult decision to operate or to amputate, but with big dogs amputation can be tricky. With the operation Shakespeare can have full mobility of his leg back and live a happy life!



This little puppy was fighting for her life agains the Parvo virus. Fortunately she survived and is about to start the vaccination program! Thanks to donations we were able to cover her costs <3

100/100 €


This cat was found with a broken jaw and rushed to have a surgery. Everything went perfectly and the little one is recovering well!


Dog with a dislocated hip

This little one was found at the streets with a dislocated hip and in agony. We took it to the vets for some emergency treatment and now the dog is recovering!


Spot, the sick cat

Spot was found with a bad infection on the mouth. The painful illness prevented her from eating but with help from the vet, Spot got a much brighter future!


Puppy with a broken leg

This little puppy was hit by a car and broke her leg. We took her to the vets for x-rays and made a surgery, so she could keep the leg. Now she is recovering well and hopefully will get her cast off soon.



This stray cat was found with a horrible wound on his mouth, which prevented him from eating. After the surgery he is doing much better and recovering at the vets. 



This little girl was found with a broken leg. Fortunately all she needed to be healthy was some medication, time and love! Can you help us cover her vet bills so we can make sure her leg heals the way it's supposed to?

80/80 €


Picasso was dragging his broken leg at the street outside the shelter. We took him for an emergency operation and now he is recovering at the vets!

770/770 €