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German shepherd with hip dysplasia

Apolonia was found in a ditch, unable to move. We are rather sure that she used to be an owned dog, but because of her medical issues she was left to die in the streets.

We took her to the vet and after x-rays and blood tests it became clear - she had advanced hip dysplasia as well as Leishmania.

We are now trying to get her strength back up, so we can prep her for future treatment, like surgery, to make sure she can have pain free life.

Apolonia was considered for new experimental surgery in Holland, to make 3D hips for her, but unfortunately she was not a good candidate, since she already has advanced issues. Instead we are looking to fix her hips with basic surgery that has helped many in her condition.

In the mean time to make her feel more comfortable, we took her in for a trim and she got more energetic right away! She is a little fighter <3!

Can you help us pay her vet costs so far?

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