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I have no known medical issues but I need blood tests to make sure there are no underlying issues

Social girl

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I came to the shelter recently. I was rescued from the airport, where I had lived most of my life. So I have gotten used to all kinds of people going by.
I have a nice character, I am very laid back and easy-going. I don't have problems with other dogs or cats. And I absolutely love people. My tail is short which gives me kind of a unique look. Weather I was born without a tail or it was cut off at some point, I can't recall.
My life at the airport, watching people coming and going has taught me to be very social and interested in things around me. I have always wondered what it would be like to experience the world like these people that go past me. What it would be like to have a home where to return. Maybe I will know someday. Maybe somewhere, there is a home for me too.

Want to help 


Become a sponsor an guarantee that their daily needs like food and parasite treatment is covered. With 15€ donation per month we can make sure they have everything they need!


Donate for neutering

Help us to reduce the risk of cancer as well as help us guarantee, no more unwanted puppies will be born to the streets or shelters.

Donate for blood test

Want to help and make sure our animals are and will stay healhty? With 50€ we can have her tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia

Hero for a sick dog

Become a Hero for a sick dog and we can make sure the monthly medical costs are taken care of and they can be as healthy as possible!

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