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I have no known medical issues but I need blood tests to make sure there are no underlying issues

Needs special help

Hi, I am  


My sponsor is 

Gabi Prause


I am a very special boy who needs special people to help him. I was brought to the shelter after I was found on the streets. My rescuers noticed immediately that everything wasn't as it should be. I was walking funny and it was clear that I needed help.

So I was taken to a vet. He said that both my front legs have old fractured bones, and they cannot be operated on here. It would need special kind of surgery to fix them, and they just didn't have the means to help me. So what I need, is someone willing to go the extra length, to find me help. I know it's a lot to ask, but maybe you will consider, after you get to know me a little.

I am still a young boy, who's just had a rough start on life. But you wouldn't know that from the way I behave. Oh no, you will see me smiling and enjoying life. I do have some problems walking, but that doesn't stop me. I have so much life and love left in me. I have such a sweet temper and would make a lifelong friend for someone.

I still have hope that there is someone out there, who hears my prayers. I need an guardian angel to help me. Maybe you are one?

Want to help 


Become a sponsor an guarantee that their daily needs like food and parasite treatment is covered. With 15€ donation per month we can make sure they have everything they need!


Donate for neutering

Help us to reduce the risk of cancer as well as help us guarantee, no more unwanted puppies will be born to the streets or shelters.

Donate for blood test

Want to help and make sure our animals are and will stay healhty? With 50€ we can have her tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia

Hero for a sick dog

Become a Hero for a sick dog and we can make sure the monthly medical costs are taken care of and they can be as healthy as possible!

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