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I have no known medical issues but I need blood tests to make sure there are no underlying issues

The true shepherd

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Jasmin Muller


Every shelterdog's story is sad. In Arturi's case, it is sad he doesn't get the oppurtunity to be the good boy to his own human, what he so dearly wants to be. Arturi has the true nature of a German shepherd. He is determined to listen to his human; in his case, to the people from the shelter. He is eager to bond with the ones close to him and to always stay by their side. His profile photo shows this nature beautifully: the way he is looking up at the man he wants to listen to.

Arturi really enjoys the cuddles he's getting at the shelter. When he's out in the garden of the shelter, he is very energetic. With other dogs he needs a proper introduction, because of his tendency to be dominant. Walking Arturi is easy. He is fine with cats.

Arturi has been living in the shelter since he was a puppy. It's such a shame for him that he is still waiting to be that special dog for someone. We hope that the day somebody shows up to take him home will soon come for Arturi.

Want to help 


Become a sponsor an guarantee that their daily needs like food and parasite treatment is covered. With 15€ donation per month we can make sure they have everything they need!


Donate for neutering

Help us to reduce the risk of cancer as well as help us guarantee, no more unwanted puppies will be born to the streets or shelters.


Donate for blood test

Want to help and make sure our animals are and will stay healhty? With 50€ we can have her tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia


Hero for a sick dog

Become a Hero for a sick dog and we can make sure the monthly medical costs are taken care of and they can be as healthy as possible!

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