I have erlichiosis, but fortunately it's something that can be treated by medication

The big boy

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Sandra Jandbauer

I have a bit of a sad story to tell. I was adopted as a puppy to a home, where I thought I would spend the rest of my life. But then something happened. I grew too big and my family threw me out on the streets. I was left alone to survive on my own. I was poisoned twice before some nice volunteers found me and brought me to the shelter. I was lucky to survive.

I get along with people really well and also have no problems with even small children. I am a big boy and sometimes my size intimidates other dogs. I could use a little training on how to behave around friends. But with a little time and patience I would make the perfect family dog. I am not recommended with cats.

My short life has had enough changes in it. Now I hope to find a place where I could spent the rest of my dog life, being loved and cared for. I am a big boy and need someone with a big heart to let me in their life.

Are you that someone?


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