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Suna has no medical costs and is healthy as far as we know.



The sweet soul

Hi, I am Suna. 

Amazing supporters from the group "Gemeinsam sind wir stark" are my sponsors!!


I am young. Born in 2018. And I did have a friend who cared for me. Well, at least for a short time. Then he decided I was getting too big, ate too much or whatever. It was already very dark when he took me to the car and I was thinking: Why...? But ok. Great, let's go out! He put me into the car and we drove a bit. Then we got out and I heard many dogs barking and I had the queer feeling that something was wrong. He tied me to a fence and off he went. I barked as loud as I could. He had forgotton me!

I waited.

The sun came up.

Then people came. They unfastened me and took me into the shelter which was next to me. I waited for a couple of days. The other dogs knew it before I realized: he would not come back! I was alone.

But at least he didn't push me out of the car in the mountains. I could easily have died there. Still, why didn't he simply take me here when the doors were open? 

Well, I turned to life and I love everyone. I am young and I want to run and play. I still need a bit of education. But I am willing to learn. I promise.

I have no problems with children or dogs but other animals need to be tested. Just ask the friendly people here. And I am healthy!

My dream is to have a forever home. I don't care if it's with a family, a couple or one friend. Long walks and cozy evenings will keep us both healthy.

Doesn't that sound great? Suna



Want to help Suna?

Help us make sure Suna is healthy and help her get blood tests. With 50€ we can have her tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia

With 100 € we can reduce Suna's risk of having cancer by neutering her, as well as guarantee, she can't contribute to the stray problem.