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The gorgeous hunting dog!

Stefan has Leishmaniosis and needs a pill per day to stay healthy

Hi, I'm Stefan!

My amazing sponsor is Andrea Kindberg!

I was born in 2019 and found with my siblings in the streets. I have been here ever since and maybe it's because people don't like black dogs, or maybe they just don't see anything special in me? I don't know why, but I do hope someone will see how special I am and how much I have love to give for anyone, who just spends a second with me!

I love other dogs, I don't care too much about cats and I adore people! I promise with little time and patience I will learn the house rules and I will dedicate my life for spending as much time cuddling as possible! 

Maybe you have a small place free by your side at the sofa and in your heart?

Want to help Stefan?

Donate for neutering and we can reduce Stefans risk of having a cancer as well as guarantee, he cant contribute to the stray problem. With 50 € we can neuter him!

Stefan has Leishmania and needs a pill per day. Help us make sure we can afford his medication and become his Hero for 10€ per month donation.