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Poppy has no medical costs and is healthy as far as we know.



The Lady with Long Legs 

Hi, my name is Poppy. 

My brother Rossi and I were born in 2017 on streets. But we were extremely lucky and could grow up in a foster home. So I only know a loving world!

Now it's time to find a forever home. Now, look at me - am I not a beauty? And look at my legs - they want to run. In here my energy can't go anywhere. I dream of long walks with someone who is not a couch potato, someone who also loves to go outside.  But, of course, I also love to cuddle all the time.  Yeah, that would be nice: a good exercise and then a nice evening at home. Maybe on the couch next to you watching telly? 

I am great with other dogs and kids. If you want I can be tested to get along with cats and also other animals. Do not hesitate to ask for it! I do not have any health problems.


  So, I can't wait until they tell me here, that I got a home!

Want to help Poppy?

Become Poppy's sponsor and make sure she gets quality food and has all her daily needs covered!

Help us make sure Poppy is healthy and help her get blood tests. With 50€ we can have her tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia