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Simple Elegance

Nino has no med. cost and is completely 
healthy as far as we know. Tested healthy september 2019

Hi, I am Nino


I was born in 2018. So, I am still very young. 

I am here at the shelter bursting with energy. I'd love to have a family, doesn't matter how many persons there are, kids are ok, who loves to be active!

That would be my cup of tea. I want to be outside running any playing - seeing new things, going for a walk. Many walks. 

I guess I need some education. Maybe we should go to a good school.

So if you like to be outside everyday and go for real walks,

then we are made for each other.

I am ok with dogs and kids, cats and everything else has to be tested.

Just ask the friendly people here.

Please, call,


Want to help Nino?

Become Nino's sponsor by donating 15€ per month to guarantee he can have high quality food and all his daily needs covered

Donate for neutering and we can reduce Ninos risk of having a cancer as well as guarantee, he cant contribute to the strays problem. With 50 € we can neuter him!