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Tom the amazing cat

This cat had a broken leg which was operated on and he recovered fully

Hi, my name is Tom

and my amazing sponsor is Alistair John Bransbury!

I was found dragging myself at the streets, with a badly broken leg. I didn't have any shelter, I didn't have any food and I was in constant danger of being hit by a car or being attacked by a dog. But that's the past, and since then I have been in this weird palce, where I felt first scared, then sleepy and then, suddenly, completely fine! My leg works again and I can feel my strength coming back to me. Im sure I will be ready to run to the food bowl faster than anyone in no time! 

There is still one thing I would like to have... It's this thing called a family. A place where I don't need to fear cars or angry dogs, a place where there is tuna and soft bed" Maybe even some hugs, if Im lucky enough!