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Black and cute

sponsered: no/yes
neutered: no/yes
blood  test: no/yes
healthy:  no/yes
Want to help Thommy?

Hi, my name is Thommy

and my beloved sponsor is Gemeinsam sind wir stark!

(That's a group...yep!)

I was born in 2013 and I had a previous owner. Recently I learned that life for a dog in Greece can be brutal if you are getting older or aren't perfect anymore.

(I wonder if people are always healthy and perfect...)

One of my eye's got blurry - enough reason for my previous owner to take me to the vet to put me down. Can you believe that? I was lucky because that vet was a good vet.

He didn't put me down but called the shelter. 

So now I am in the shelter. Everyone says I have an amazing personality.


I am ok with dogs and kids, can walk on the leash and that I am simply niiice. 

Cats and everything else needs to be tested. Just ask the friendly people here.


... is healthy as fas as we know.


... has medical issues...

blurry eye text,  medical problems here

So, I am waiting,

please call,


 Please, help our dogs!

With 15€ monthly for sponsering

we can cover his basic needs like food etc.

With 20€ monthly for paying his medical costs

you are real hero and helping us a lot.

With 50€ for neutering

we can reduce the risk of having cancer

as well as guarantee,

he can't contribute to the strays problem.

With 50€ for blood test

we can have him tested

for the most common diseases like

Leishmania and Giardia!

Every cent makes our beloved dogs healthier!