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Black and cute

Hi, my name is Thommy

and my beloved sponsor is Gemeinsam sind wir stark!

(That's a group...yep!)

I was born in 2013 and I had a previous owner. Recently I learned that life for a dog in Greece can be brutal if you are getting older or aren't perfect anymore.

(I wonder if people are always healthy and perfect...)

One of my eye's got blurry - enough reason for my previous owner to take me to the vet to put me down. Can you believe that? I was lucky because that vet was a good vet.

He didn't put me down but called the shelter. 

So now I am in the shelter. Everyone says I have an amazing personality. I am ok with dogs and kids, can walk on the leash and that I am simply niiice.  Cats and everything else needs to be tested. Just ask the friendly people here.

blurry eye text,  medical problems here

So, I am waiting,

please call,


  • sponsered:     yes/no

  • neutered:        yes/no

  • blood tests:    yes/no

  • healthy:           yes/no

Sponsor:  no/name
Neutered: yes/no
Blood is tested: yes/no
Medical costs: yes/no
Want to help Thommy?