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The setter boy!

Charlie has a growth on his neck and needs a surgery to remove it.

Hi, I'm Charlie!

My sponsor is the amazing Christine Dawson!

I was born in 2016 and ended up in the shelter in the summer of 2019, with my brother. My brother was adopted immediately, but unfortunately I'm still here, hoping that someone will notice me. ​

I'm really a good boy, excellent with other dogs and very gentle with people, but I do have a small medical issue. There is a huge lump in my neck, and fortunately it is just a saliva gland issue, but it needs removing at some point to make me more comfortable.

I don't feel sick or tired, I feel like I'm just as happy and energetic as I have always been. Hopefully someone will want to open their home and their heart to a sweet little boy like me!

Want to help Charlie?

Help us make sure Charlie is healthy and help him get blood tests. With 50€ we can have him tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia

Donate for neutering and we can reduce Charlie's risk of having a cancer as well as guarantee, he cant contribute to the stray problem. With 50 € we can neuter him!

Charlie needs a surgery to remove a tumor  like growth from his neck. The surgery will cost 350 € and every penny is needed to help him be happy and healthy!