We have been working hard to make the shelter a better place for our animals, but unfortunately our progress has been slow, due to the lack of volunteers and bad finances, leading to mounting debts at the vets. Fortunately as our supporter groups had grown, so has our finances gotten better and we feel confident now is the time to make real changes to better the life of the animals. 

Our plan includes:

Getting rid of all the chains (about 20 remaining) and building roomy kennels for the dogs

Repairing old kennels, so every dog has safe environment

Building smaller puppy kennels, so that no puppy needs to stay in a cage

Building cat kennels, so  that recovering cats can have a place where they can jump, climb and play

Building a free run area, where the dogs can exercise and play alone, with furry friends and with visitors

Please help us make this possible and be a part of our biggest project yet! 

How close are we to the target?



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