I have no known medical issues but I need blood tests to make sure there are no underlying issues

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I was born in the early 2010's but my life is a mystery. I was owned at some point, but in the winter of 2019 I was found wondering the mountains all alone. It was cold and rainy, I hadn't eaten for days and my old bones were about to give up, when I was rescued.

I was brought to the shelter and after a vet check it was confirmed - I didn't have Erlichia or Leishmania, I just had a really rough life. After some intensive care at the vets I started to gain some energy and was finally well enough to continue my recovery at the shelter.

I am still a bit weak and it will take time for me to get into a good condition, but I know more calm environment could do wonders. Maybe a family that would want a calm gentlemen like me? A family that would give me a soft place to sleep in, so my old bones wont hurt? A family that would look me in my eyes and tell me "I love you".

That would be a dream come true for an old champ like me.

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