The Team

Gouves Animal Shelter was originally established by Mr. Manolis, who is still very much a part of our shelter, in daily life as well as in spirit. He is the heart and soul of the shelter, who dedicated 10 years of his life to this place. Mr. Manolis used to spend every hour he could in the shelter, while working a full time job at nights and later during his retirement. For 10 years Mr. Manolis was at the shelter every day during the hot summers and the cold winters, and even when he was poorly or on a holiday himself! He is one of the reasons why the shelter has become an inspirational refuge place not only to the animals, but to so many people around the world. 

With age comes limitations and unfortunately Mr. Manolis fell ill and needed surgery to make his condition better. During this time the volunteers rallied together making efforts to create a better environment for Mr. Manolis and the dogs, and to strive for a brighter future.  At the moment we have a tight group of volunteers, which range from locals helping with the day-today shelter activities, to those further away helping with online activities and organising the supply of much-needed essentials for the shelter. 

All of our volunteers work full time jobs at the same time as helping the shelter, so we apologize for any delays. We always try to reply all messages as soon as possible, but sometimes there can be rescues going on and our efforts are needed elsewhere!

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We update the site once a week, so be sure to check in for news as well as the progress bars!

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