Our Mission and Values

Our long term mission is to continue encouraging change to animal welfare laws in Crete so that, in time, animal shelters will no longer be needed, and animals will live side by side with humans, well treated and cared for. Effecting change can take a long time, so until our ultimate goal is reached we will continue to help all animals in any way we can. So, for now, these are the things that we concentrate on:

1. Making the stray population smaller

To help manage the problem, we neuter our animals and try to educate others about the benefits of neutering. Neutering has life-long health benefits for animals, and it will make a huge difference in managing the stray population. We are constantly negotiating with the local authorities to introduce neutering programs, and we host educations programs with local schools so we can educate the new generation.

2. Making sure the animals that really need it, get help

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to take in all strays, only those who really need our help. All of our animals are vulnerable: the very young, the old, the injured and those not able to cope on the street. They may be living in seriously dangerous areas where people will even resort to shooting or poisoning dogs daily. These are the desperate animals who need our help the most.

3. Helping one dog at a time

Every dog and cat in our shelter is family to us. We know their personalities and quirks. We love them unconditionally and we never put down an animal, unless they are badly injured, sick, suffering, and cannot make it. Even when their health improves, we do not release them back to the streets, but instead we do our best to find them a forever home. We never put down healthy animals who have the potential to be rehomed.

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