Guardian Angels needed

We are looking for kind-hearted people who are willing to donate once or on a monthly basis to a individual dog. We have different options for donations and we hope you can find one that you like. By donating to an individual dog, you can see where the money is going and who gets the benefits. 
Some are in need of surgery or other treatment and some are recovering from injuries and can be re-homed once recovered. 
Some dogs will not be suitable for new homes for various reasons, or are extremely hard to re-home due to long term illness or behavior problems. Some dogs are perfectly fine and just need someone to help us get them checked by a vet, get food and a safe place. 

We welcome every donation - no matter how small. With just few euros we can buy worming tablets and that can save a puppy's life. Please join our efforts to support with food and health care.  There are two different ways to be a Guardian Angel:

1. One time donation:
20 - One puppy will get worming, vaccinations and puppy food. 
? - any amount of money, for any dog will always help them. First priority goes to making sure they have food and medicine.

2. Monthly donations:
10€ per month - This will ensure good food for the month to make sure our furry friend has a fighting chance.
20€ per month - This will secure medicine and food for one month.
40€ per month - This will make a huge difference in their lives! We can get quality food, all the medicine and save for surgery and/or vet bills!

PayPal information: 
Please add the name of the dog that you want to help. If you want to make a non-specific donation you can just leave the message blank. By adding your name to the message, we can properly thank everyone who has donated to the shelter.

Special needs dogs:
Special needs dogs are those that have a long lasting illness, need to have surgery, or are recovering and need medical care. You can help these dogs by donating every month, or by donating once. The dogs will be removed as soon as they have the donations they need!

1. Praxitelis
This big puppy has Leishmania and we need help covering his medical bills so we can afford new blood tests, correct medication and food. Please help us get him healthy again! 

Please help these dogs to have a new life, without pain or suffering.
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