Emergency fund

All the shelters around the island are full most of the time, with a waiting list as long as a year. We try to concentrate on the animals that cant make it outside, the ones who are sick, young, old, injured or in danger of being killed. But since we specialise with the animals that really need it, we also come across gross neglect often. A dog can have one leg hanging from a shred of skin, a cat can have half of its face melted, or the animal might look like a target wall, with bullet wounds all over. 

We can never say no to an animal like this but most of the time we lack the funds to help. Even though we have vets co-operating with us, that are willing to give us payment time, we already owe them thousands and thousands. This is why we try to collect an emergency fund, that will be used when ever there is an animal, that needs an urgent surgery or medical care. 

Note! We update the meters at least once a week, so be sure to check back and see how your donation made a difference!

Our current emergencies

Puppy with a broken leg

Gloa, the girl eaten alive

Gloa is a little stray cat that was catched from the streets when she was so weak she could not move. She turned out to have a bad infection and maggots were eating her alive.




Rosa the old girl

Rosa the old girl with leishmania needs your help to be as healthy as possible




Kittens in need of help

Right now we have about 15 kittens that need milk and medication to grow up to healthy cats, please help these poor ones to have a chance in life!




Hazel the little angel

Hazel had both her front legs broken and needs your help to get better!




Hope the injured puppy

Hope is a young puppy that was hit by a car and shot! He needs your help to get the medical treatment needed.




Parvo outbreak

60 new puppies abandoned in few weeks and the result is that many puppies are infected with Parvo. They need your help now to survive!




Kitten hit by a car

Alina the kitten was hit by a car and her leg was broken. She needed an emergency operation and is still in recovery.




Winter fundraiser for strays

The winter is always especially hard time for the strays




Some of our past emergencies and success stories

Cat with neurological issues

This poor cat was found almost completely paralyzed and would have died at the streets within hours. Thankfully he was taken to the vet before it was too late.


The little kitten with a broken paw

This little kitten had a nasty break close to the elbow and needed medical attention immediately


German shepherd with hip dysplasia

This German Shepherd was found in a ditch unable to move. We took her to the vets immediately to figure out what was wrong.



Poor Picasso was found wondering the street next to the shelter, dragging his leg. We took him to the vet and it turned out, he had a badly broken led. After

x-rays and multiple diagnostics from vets, we were faced with the difficult decision, should we amputate or try to fix it.


Shakespeare - the shepherd with a broken leg

Shakespeare was found with a badly broken leg and wondering the streets alone. We took him to the vets and the x-ray showed severely broken leg, which needed to be operated


Puppy with a broken leg!

This little girl was found wondering the streets with a broken leg a month ago. She's only 7 months old and the sweetest thing you can imagine! We had to get her to the vet immediately and did x-rays to see what kind of damage was done to the led.


The cat with a lung infection

This sweet cat is only about 2 years old, but was found in the streets in horrible condition. The ears were full of ticks and infected, the breathing was ragged and difficult and the lack of nutritions had made the bones curled on the front paws. As the cat had no chances of surviving in the streets, we had to take it to the vet and try to give a second chance.


Caesar crashes

Caesar has been in the shelter for a while and dealing with Leishmania well, until last month when he crashed and needed intensive care immediately


The limping puppy

This little black puppy was found abandoned to the streets and limping his front paw. We took him to the vets to make sure he would get the treatment needed.


The black cat with leg injury

This poor little black cat vas brought to us after it had an accident and needed treamtent for one leg. We got him neutered and treated and now he is back at the shelter, recovering well. He is the sweetest and cuddliest cat you can imagine, always purring and trying to pull your hand to give him few rubs.


Lynn the puppy with Parvo

This sweet little puppy has had a rough start in life. The mother is living at the streets with a broken leg, despite our best efforts to catch her. The father was a famous stray dog Rocky, who was loved and cared for by many people at the village, until someone cruelly poisoned him.


The small white princess Pipa

Pipa is an old girl who was abandoned to the streets with no second thought. When we found her she was suffering from a bad hernia and we rushed her to the surgery. Fortunately she will make a full recovery.


Puppy with a broken leg

This sweet little puppy had a broken leg, so we took it to the vets to have proper treatment. The x-rays showed that the leg was not badly broken so no surgery was needed, just a cast and some physiotherapy so it will heal on it's own.


Dog with a dislocated hip

This dog was rescued by one of our volunteers after we got a message from a tourist. He was in excruciating pain and completely exhausted.

We took him to the vets for emergency treatment and turns out his hip was dislocated. He had the operation and is now recovering well.


Hogdson the hunter

Hogdson was a hunter who broke his leg in an accident and his owner was giving up on him


Louis, the unlucky boy

Louis is one of our most long term residents, who has Leishmania. Unfortunately he crashed and needed intensive care to recover.


The cat with a mouth wound

This small cat was found at one of our feeding stations, desperately trying to eat. Something was clearly wrong, since he kept gaging and we catch'd him to see what was wrong. Indeed, his mouth had a huge open wound which prevented him from eating and was almost infected.


Thommy - abandoned at the vet station

This poor dog was taken to the vet by it's owner, who wanted to put him to sleep. Why? Because he has a parasite problem. This is easily curable with just some worming pills and absolutely not a reason to put a dog down‼️‼️


Puppy with a broken leg!

This little puppy was found on the beach with her sister. She was limping, so we rushed her to the vets and x-rays showed she had been hit by a car. Instead of amputating the leg, we decided to have a surgery, so she could keep the leg.


Dog with a dislocated hip

This German shepherd was found at the streets, in such a weak condition it could not move. We rushed him to the vets, fearing there might be an underlying problem, but fortunately there was not! He was just extremely dehydrated and malnourished.


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