Hogdson the hunter

Hogdson is getting ready for his surgery and we will keep you all posted on how it goes <3 We hope to see him run with the others soon!

Hogdson is getting a bit depressed, we have had to limit his free time with other dogs, as it hurts his leg too much and he does not agree with the new arrangement. Hopefully soon we can afford the surgery and he can enjoy playing with the others and running free. Please keep supporting him so we can reach our goal and provide him the care he needs!

Hogdson is slowly starting to gain weight and once we have the donations needed, he can finally have the surgery!


Hogdson was a hunters dog, but one day he had an accident and broke his front leg. The owner took him to a vet and paid for a surgery, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. The owner decided to give up on him and put him to sleep, but the vet called us first to ask if we could help.

Of course we didn't want to see a happy boy like him put to sleep and gave him another chance. How he is staying at the shelter until he gains some weight before we amputate the leg. Unfortunately that is the only option for him, since a surgery won't fix the leg and the leg causes him pain and prevents him from enjoying his life to the fullest. We know he will be perfectly happy with 3 legs - he is already mostly using just the healthy legs!

Please donate for his surgery, so he can once more play with other dogs and enjoy his life pain free


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