Donate to the shelter 

Over 300 homeless and abandoned animals each year find a safe place and needed care with us.


Can you help us keep going?


We do not get any help from the government, or from big organizations, but depend solely on the donations of individuals. ​


Any donation, big or small, is highly appreciated and there are so many ways you can help, we are sure you will find one suited for your situation.


We take care of more than 200 dogs and 200 cats, which is a huge task for a group of less than 10 volunteers


Here are some of the shelters monthly costs: 

5 000 kg of dry food

350 cans of soft food for senior dogs

2 full time workers

Countless vet runs 

Emergency surgeries 

Medication for permanently ill dogs

Emergency treatments for dogs in need

Cleaning and sterilising products

Repairing and maintaining the shelter


How you can help

One time donation:

X € - Any amount of money, for any dog will always help them. First priority goes to making sure they have food and medicine.

Name a cat or a dog! - with 20 € you can name one of our newcomers and enjoy the knowledge, that you helped that dog get a parasite treatment and vaccines!


Become a Guardian Angel - with 20 € donation you get to choose a name for a puppy and ensure, that it will get all needed vaccinations, to survive. 

Gift Certificate: If you want to surprise a loved one with a donation in their name, donate and send us an email with "gift certificate" in the header, time and place and the name of the recipient. Then we will send you a gift certificate which you can print out and hand over.

Monthly donations:

Paws for Thought magazine will be available for everyone, who donates more than 5 € monthly to the shelter! The online magazine will be send by email. 

X € - Any amount, no matter if its 1 € or 100 € is much needed and put to good use. 


5 € - You will be part of our Gouves Club and get the awesome Paws for Thought online magazine + get to join our exclusive Facebook club! 


7,50 € - You can be a part of sponsoring a dog, by becoming assisted sponsor! 


10 € - Be part of our Gouves 10 club. (With 10 people donating

10 € we can build new kennel for our dogs!)


15 € - With 15 € you can become a Sponsor to one of our dogs! This will ensure they have food and needed treatments in monthly basis! 

If you want to become a Guardian Angel, Assisted Sponsor, of Full Sponsor, please send us a message and let us know, which dog you would like to help! 

Company sponsoring and bigger donations: 

100 € and up - You will get your name plated on a dog house at the shelter and we will give you a personalized Gouves Supporter certificate!

500 €  and up - You will get your name plated on a dog house at the shelter, we will give you a personalized Gouves Supporter certificate and a Gouves Supporter t-shirt!

1000 €  and up - You will get your name plated on a kennel at the shelter, we will give you a personalized Gouves Supporter certificate and a Gouves Supporter t-shirt!

5000 €  and up - Contact us and we will arrange thank you that most suits your donation! 

If your company wants to sponsor one of our dogs, or donate monthly, we can offer visibility on our online magazine, Facebook and other social media, as well as on the website!

Important: If you do not have a paypal account or a credit card or have problems while trying to donate, please contact us!

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