Small males

DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (about 4 years)
PERSONALITY: Snoopy is old timer at the shelter. He has been almost adopted many times, but unfortunately, for some reason it always gets cancelled at the last moment. He is the most loving and happy dog when he is outside the shelter, but inside he gets stressed very easily. On walks he loves to sniff around and is okay with other dogs, but inside the shelter he can be a bit territorial. The best home for him would be alone, or with some females. He might not be the perfect first dog, but in the right home, with enough exercise and some training, he will become an amazing friend!

DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years)
PERSONALITY: Simba is one of the dogs that just gets forgotten. He has been in the shelter for 2 years now and has never had anyone interested in him - which is such a shame, because this little boy could be a dream come true! He absolutely adores people, always meeting them with a wagging tale and he loves kisses. He has no problems with other dogs, and makes friends with everyone who comes across. He has seen so many friends come and go, living in the same kennel with a dog that gets adopted, and then a new one comes and the same happens again: its never him. Some say he doesn't look cute in photos. Some say he looks boring. But if you just give him a chance to prove his personality, to see how wonderful he really is, you wont regret it. Lets try to give him the gift of having a loving family, to avoid one more lonely Christmas at the shelter.

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (about 3 years)
PERSONALITY: Erasmus is a happy little boy, who loves to chase a ball or play with other dogs. He´s still very young, so he is active and has many years of love to offer. He gets along with other dogs great and would be suited even to a smaller house, due to his small size. He is everything you could ask from a small dog and on top of his marvelous personality, his cute face will totally melt you! 

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NAME: Larry
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (1 year)
PERSONALITY: Larry came to the shelter with his sweet sister Lara. They are a lovley pair with gentle personalities. Lary enjoys hugs and letting his floppy ears blow in the wind! 

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NAME: Paul
DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (2 years old)
PERSONALITY: Paul has been in the shelter for 2 years now and its his time to find a forever home. He has been living with 2 other boys and has absolutely no problems with anyone. He is cuddly boy who is quite calm, so he would do well in most homes. He is build like a bulky sausage dog, and sure to make you laugh every single day! 

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NAME: Israel
DATE OF BIRTH: 2014 (4 years old)
PERSONALITY: Israel is a funny little boy, so handsome and so sweet! He loves to go out for walks, or just sit somewhere with people around him. He is easy to handle and gets along with other dogs without problems. Israel is also extremely smart, so learning new tricks wont be a problem!