DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (about 4 months)
PERSONALITY: Mischa is one of the puppies that was dumped to a trash can only one month old. He watched as everyone from the 8 puppies found homes, except him and one of his brothers. Now its his time to give kisses and love to a family of his own. And how can you resist? That cute face, happy and gentle personality and absolutely adorable in every single way!

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (about 6 months)
PERSONALITY: Louisa is the cutest little thing! She is probably some kind of Retriever /Labrador mix and her personality is amazing! She loves to give kisses and cuddle, as well as play and goof around. She is still a bit clumsy, but that doesn't bother her at all, and she loves to run or roll around in the flowers and grass! She has everything you could ask for from a puppy and she waits eagerly to find her forever home, or even a foster! 

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NAME: Jack
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (4 months old)
SEX: Male
SIZE: Medium/Big
PERSONALITY: Jack is happy little puppy, who learns easily and loves to play with dogs, cats or people! He is in a foster home, learning basic rules to house life. He will be about the size of a german shepherd, so will be on the bigger size. He lives with other dogs and cats and meets chicken, sheep, goose and other animals on daily basis. This smart and cute puppy is ready to find his forever home! 

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NAME: Erik
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (3 months old)
SEX: Male
SIZE: Small/Medium
PERSONALITY: Erik is a young puppy, that was found dumped outside the shelter alone. He was terrified for the first days and since he was so young, it was crucial to find a foster home. How he is safe and has turned out to be very brave and funny puppy. He loves to play with other dogs, or with cats and will follow people outside like glued! He is very playful and energetic, so he also finds ways to entertain himself, like climbing to the bookshelf or to trees! He will stay small / medium and will go fine in any home!