Medium males

DATE OF BIRTH: 2012 (about 5 years) 
HEALTH: Morgan had a car accident and a big surgery. He is recovered now, but you can still see which leg is weaker. Morgan has Leishmania. It is under control and he copes with it well. Will need medication.
PERSONALITY: Morgan is a big boy and he does not always realize it. He is still young and powerful, so he would be best in a home that wants an active dog. He is the sweetest dog with people of all ages and after teaching him some manners and gentler behavior (not to just dump his big butt on your lap) he will be perfect! He really wants to be a part of a family and to know what it feels when they can give all of their love to someone. Not with other dogs!

DATE OF BIRTH: 2016-2017 (about 1 year)
PERSONALITY: This little hunting dog is both handsome and adorable! He is a perfect medium sized dog - not too big, not too small - and definitely one beautiful dog! He is energetic but a little bit shy at first, so you need to take things gently with him until he gets to know you. He might back away before coming slowly to sniff you - but once he trusts you, he becomes a happy boy with so much love to give!

DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (about 4 years)
PERSONALITY: Luke is such a cute dog, and a very cuddly boy once you get his trust. He will need a lot of one on one time to get used to new people, because like his sister Leah, he can be very scared of new things. Can we find a family that can give the time, love and effort to give him happy and stress free life?

DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years)
PERSONALITY: Gizmo is a funny looking boy! He has these huge eyes and he looks like he's always surprised! He loves other dogs, but for some reason he can be little bit shy with new people. But once you to to know him, he is all kisses and tail wagging!

DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (about 4 years)
PERSONALITY: Bruni is a happy medium size hunting dog with a heart of gold. He was hit by a car and ended up in the shelter, but luckily didn't have any serious damage. He was an owned dog before, so he has some manners. He loves to go to the beach, walking, running or just enjoying the day with a special person. He is full of kisses and his tail never stops wagging! Lets give him a reason to be over the moon, when he realizes there is a family, that will never abandon him!

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NAME: Caramel
DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (about 4 years) 
HEALTH: Has leishmania, which is being easily managed with one tablet a day. He is also neutered. Caramel needs a loving home because he finds it difficult to gain weight in a shelter environment. Thanks to our Guardian Angel's he gets plenty of food, however some dogs just stress a little more than others.
PERSONALITY:Caramel was rescued by Gouves as a puppy 4 years ago. He is a little shy at first but totally willing to make new friends, and is excited to explore the world. Caramel gets on well with other dogs and is good at walking on the lead. He is affectionate and loves to be cuddled and petted. This sweet boy would love nothing more than to have a family of his own.

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years)
PERSONALITY: Raul is a sweet little boy, who is a bit timid at first. He´s not used to new things, so he needs patience and love to gain more confidence. At the shelter he is lovely and happy boy, but outside he likes to make himself small and invisible, in case the bad world will try to eat him! He doesn't get aggressive, and once he gets to know a place and the people around him, be turns to a complete couch potato, who wont move from your lap! 

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (about 1.5 years)
PERSONALITY: Melvin is a beautiful young boy, so full with life. He loves to jump around, play with other dogs and doesn't have a bad bone in his body. His eyes light up every time someone wants to spend time with him, no matter whether its sitting with him at his kennel or taking him for walks at the beach. He would be perfect family dog and even a good companion to some hobbies, like tracking or fly-ball! Can Melvin steal your heart? 

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (about 7 months)
PERSONALITY: Lykos is an adorable little boy who shakes from excitement every time you go to pet him. He adores every person who comes near him and desperately seeks their attention. At walks he tries to make eye contact all the time, as if asking for praise, always trying to behave his best. He is great with other dogs too and not at all dominant - no matter whether the other dog is big or small, Lykos´s first thougt is always "Lets be friends - lets play!". This young dog has so much to offer and only waits for the right people to notice him. How can you say no to that sweet face?

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Name: Luno
Date of Birth: 2017 (7 months old)
PERSONALITY: Luno’s mother, Akti, was poisoned. At the time, she was carrying 5 puppies, one of who was Luno. His sister, Ebony, is also at the shelter. Luno was born in a foster home so he knows how to behave in a house environment. He is kind, happy, and loves to cuddle. His favourite thing is to fetch balls. He is super smart and will be easy to train.