Medium females

DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (about 1 year) 
PERSONALITY: This gorgeous girl is active but not over-excited. She loves to be with people, though can enjoy some alone time too. If excited enough, she will even start to play! She needs a home with love, walks and relaxation. Lets give this girl a chance to enjoy the last days of her puppy-hood. 

DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (about 4 years)
PERSONALITY: Leah is very timid little girl, who will need some alone time with a new family and lot of training and love to get her used to a new place. She is not aggressive, but scared - so her reaction to most things is to run away. Her new family needs to give her the time she needs to start trusting them, but with dedication she should become a good home dog.

DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years) 
PERSONALITY: Hara is a sweet girl and she would become a perfect dog to a family with children or other dogs. She loves to play with everyone and giving kisses is her specialty! A happy and just adorable girl, who really wants to find her own family!

DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (about 1 year) 
PERSONALITY: Lesly is an active little girl, who loves other dogs and adores people. She would be an ideal dog for agility or just for a family that wants to play and have fun with their dog. Other dogs are always friends in Lesly's mind, so a few furry friends in the family would just make her day. She is beautiful, gentle and loving, and still has that puppy-like spark in her eyes. Lets give her a chance to know what a home means! 

DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (about 1 years) 
PERSONALITY: Rika is Lesly's sister and they have spent their whole lives in the streets and later in the shelter. They didn't have the best start in life, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them. Rika is one smart girl and always tries to come up with ways to get the volunteers to spend just little more time with her. She has truly mastered the “puppy dog eyes” and doesn't hesitate to use them! So be warned, she will wrap you around her little paws in no time! She is such a lovely girl, perfect with other dogs, with people, with everything,  and always so so happy! Lets give her a family!

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2014 (about 3 year)
PERSONALITY: Teresa came to the shelter with her puppies, after surviving a hard life in the streets. She is perfect in every way; kind, gentle and so friendly. She loves other dogs and even took care of other puppies with another female dog! She is submissive and quiet, all in all a very easy dog. When you take her for walks, she doesn't jump around or try to pull you over, but enjoys the view at your pace. She should have no problems in a family home, even with small children or other dogs and probably would make an excellent first dog! 

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years)
PERSONALITY: Andromeda is a gentle girl, who is sure to melt your heart. She comes to you politely but happily and gives gentle kisses, while her tail wags endlessly. She would be lovely in a family with children, or even with other dogs! She will be a perfect best friend to anyone who has room for this white beauty!

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PERSONALITY: Sweet Candy was found wondering outside in a dangerous place alone and in need of rescue. Fortunately a foster home was provided immediately, so this adorable puppy could grow in a healthy environment and learn basic house rules. She is an absolutely fantastic puppy, playful and clumsy, making everyone laugh all the time. She is used to other dogs, cats and even chickens, so a family with other animals is not a problem! 

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (about 1.5 yearS)
PERSONALITY: Easy truly deserves her name, since she has the most easy-going nature a dog can have. Still young and so playful, it hurts us to see her in the shelter, without the possibility to chase a ball and go for walks daily. She would be excellent dog in any active family that wants to have a friend to goof around and just spend some quality time with. Easy learns very quickly and with food you can motivate her to do anything! 

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NAME: Milo
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (about 10 months)
PERSONALITY: Milo was found by a tourist in the summer of  2017. She spent her first few months in a foster home receiving the necessary vaccines for life in the Shelter. She is well behaved in a house and can even do some basic tricks, like sitting on command. She enjoys obedience training because she is eager to please. She loves cuddles, is a happy young girl and would be a great fit for a family with other dogs. All she needs is a chance to enjoy the rest of her life in a family home.

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NAME: Dalia
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (1 year old)
PERSONALITY: Dalia was discovered outside the Shelter gates, curled up in a ball, frozen from fear. Although she was very scared at first, she is now doing fine! In fact, she shares her space with 2 more dogs. She is playful and loving. She is super soft and loves nothing more than a good cuddle.

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NAME: Ebony
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (7 months old)
PERSONALITY: Ebony’s mother, Akti, was poisoned. At the time, she was carrying 5 puppies, one of whom was Ebony. Her brother Luno is also at the shelter. Ebony was born in a foster home so she knows how to behave in a house environment. She is a collie type mix. She is submissive and smart, just like her lovely mother was.

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NAME: Naomi
DATE OF BIRTH:  2017 (1 year)
PERSONALITY: Naomi was found wandering the beach with her sister who quickly found a forever home. Naomi is now waiting for her happy every after! She is gentle and sweet with a loving personality. She gets on well with other dogs so would be great in a home with other pets.

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NAME: Angel
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (1 year old)
PERSONALITY: Angel is all about love. She adores hugs, cuddles and kisses. She is a Collie mix and super intelligent and loves to learn new things. She would do anything for a treat or cuddle! Who wants to open their home and their heart to this special girl?

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NAME: Vilma
DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (Approximately 2 years old)
PERSONALITY: Vilma is so pretty and elegant. She is a sweet and extremely pleasant dog. She is not overly excitable and is always happy. She would do very well in a family environment. Vilma gets on very well with all other dogs and is a very loving girl.

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NAME: Vitina
DATE OF BIRTH: 2014 (4 years old)
PERSONALITY: Vitina is beautiful calm girl, who is the softest dog in the shelter. She keeps calm even when everyone else starts barking, and loves to spend time with people. She is truly amazing girl, that deserves a loving home, where she can spend all days cuddling with her own family! 

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NAME: Diana
DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (2 years old)
PERSONALITY: Diana is the sweetest looking girl you can find, with those brown beautiful eyes and that small little black nose.<3 She was found with her 5 puppies, which she took excellent care of, showing what a caring and loving girl she is. Diana is a bit scared of people first, probably because people are not always nice to the stray moms. So she will cover away and hide in her dog house, until she gets to know you. But when you give her time, and maybe a treat, she will slowly see you as a friend. And then she is all kisses and wagging her tail so hard, that the whole body shakes! She deserves to know that there is people out there, that will love her forever and never let her down. 

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NAME: Chocolate
DATE OF BIRTH: 2017 (1 year old)
PERSONALITY: Chocolate is the sister of Choco and they were both dumped outside the shelter some time ago. This beautiful girl can be a bit timid at fist, but when you give her just a bit of time to get to know you, she changes completely. She becomes very loving and playful girl, who has a heart of gold. Can you give her the time to show that she too deserves a forever home? 

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NAME: Eske
DATE OF BIRTH: 2012 (6 years old)
PERSONALITY: Eske is a lovely girl, who just wants to find a soft sofa to curl up next to get own people. She is most beautiful girl and quite calm, which makes her a good choice even as a first dog. She lives other dogs and is a bit submissive, so she won't be picking up fights with anyone

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2016 (1.5 years old)
PERSONALITY: Tac has been in the shelter since she was a puppy and together with her brother they made a trio; tic tac and toe. Now it's only tic and tax left, so it's time to find this lovely girl home to call her own. She is happy and energetic little thing and will surely keep her family active! She is always ready to play with toys or other dogs but if course quiet cuddling sessions are highly appreciated too. She is a perfect little girl, who has so many kisses to give for anyone who opens their home to her.