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Hope for him

We have chosen this dog for to have special hope for better life.

DATE OF BIRTH: 2010 (about 7 years)

HEALTH: Shep has leishmania, but he is coping with it well. Dont let it scare you away!

You know that perfect picture, with fire blazing in a fireplace, children roasting marshmallows and german shepherd laying beside, relaxing calmly by the fire? That is Shep. He is easy on walks, listens every time, submissive and eager to please. He loves everyone and everything and any family would be his dream. Children, other dogs, other animals, just more for him to love. And he had the dream once. Ha had a family, who abandoned him years ago, because he grew old. They left him at the vet, never returned to pick him up and broke his world. But Shep did not loose his faith. He still believes, someone will love him as much as he is willing to love anyone who gives him a glance. He still believes, one day, before he goes to the rainbow bridge, there will be a family. Maybe not with a fireplace, but with a warm arms where he can cuddle. Dont let him spend his last years at a shelter, he deserves so much more...