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DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 3 years) HEALTH: Leishmania - under control. Arthritis caused by a leg break as a pup. Neutered. PERSONALITY: Praxitelis is a sweet and energetic boy. He is strong but can't over exercise due to his old injuries. He likes nothing more than being with people. He is affectionate and loving. He needs a kind, loving home and somewhere to call his own

DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (about 4 years)
PERSONALITY: Irodotos is gentle boy, but he has had his share of misfortunes in the past. He was probably beaten by men, so he can be quite scared of them at fist. With women he is absolutely perfect and even if a new men comes to him with one of our volunteers, he will be perfectly fine. So he will need a family, that will give him time to settle and to trust again. Because once that trust is there, he is the most loving dog you will ever see. He has good manners and never rudely jumps or bumps to you, but asks for permission before coming over, wagging his small tale all the time. At walks he is a delight, usually just enjoying and walking next to you. And when you go sit by him, it only takes a second, and he will be right next to you, leaning gently and if you allow it, he will put his head on your lap and relax happily. He wants to please people a lot and learns new tricks very fast and in fact, Irodotos is the only dog who will sit down in the shelter when you give a hand signal, even if you are on the other side of the place!

DATE OF BIRTH: 2014 (about 3 years) 
PERSONALITY: Nero is one beautiful boy and his character is just unbelievable! Always smiling and wagging his tale, ready to give love and kisses to anyone who stops at his place. He is playful and active, but listens nicely and his favourite thing is to try and cuddle in you lap – not always an easy task due to his size! Nero is everything you can ask from a dog, he has no problems, hes active but not hyper and he is always welcoming to people and other dogs. Maybe there is a home for him too? 

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years)
PERSONALITY: Thodoris is a stunning boy, who has a heart as big as his size. He loves to cuddle and give kisses, almost as much as he loves food and playing! He is a goofy boy, who has the best puppy eyes a dog can have, with those funny floppy ears! This friendly dog will need some daily activities so he can burn his energy and he would be perfect for a family that wants a friend for long walks or even for fly-ball! 

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NAME: Arkas
DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (3 years old)
PERSONALITY:Arkas is handsome boy, who loves every person who pays him any attention. He was found outside an elementary school, where he was spending time with local children. He is very smart and eager to learn, so would be amazing friend in active home! 

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NAME: Hugo
DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (5 years old)
PERSONALITY: Hugo used to live with a family, that moved away and could not take him. So he is used to living inside a house and had exellent manners. He is playful and learns quickly, and since he is already fully grown he is a bit more calm than the younger dogs! That doesn't mean he won't love long walks or any activity! He is also perfect with cats, other dogs and people from all ages.