Big females

DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years)
PERSONALITY: Ellis is a Labrador/Retriever-type dog; very sociable, very friendly and also active! She would be perfect dog to have a nice hobby with, like fly-ball or obedience. She is stunning and her personality is just golden!

DATE OF BIRTH: 2014 (about 3 years)
PERSONALITY: Liza is a true beauty, inside and out. She loves to run and play and would be perfect for active family. She is very affectionate and is always giving kisses, trying to cuddle with everyone. She has no problems with other dogs and is quite submissive, so having a friend or two would be fine. Food is something Liza truly enjoys and she is willing to learn any tricks to get that treat from your hand! She is one happy girl, with a golden heart and absolutely stunning looks!

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (about 2 years) 
PERSONALITY:Artemis is a stunning young German Shepherd girl, who absolutely adores people! She is a big girl, but really wants to please and loves to go for long walks. Artemis has no problems with other dogs and likes to play, but her number 1 thing is to be with people, always coming when called and wagging her tail. That's why it kills us to see her in a shelter, when she so clearly just wants to go home with anyone who just gives her one hug! Let's find her a good family, with a lot of cuddles and she will return that with unconditional love 

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2014 (about 3 years) 
PERSONALITY: Anemona is just stunning girl. She is like a big fluffy teddy bear and a personality to match! She has some energy, but not the most active dog, so nice long walks are ideal. She loves people and other dogs, and even children will be met with gentle kisses. She doesn't jump or act too active in the shelter, meeting people with a wagging tale. She had a very bad problem with parasites before, causing her to loose a lot of weight, but she is slowly gaining it and in no time she will be huge! Now its time to find her a family, where this gentle giant can finally be happy 

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2013 (about 4 years)
Sara is a sweetheart. She is big and quite heavy, but with the sweetest and calmest personality. She came to the shelter with her puppies and took excellent care of them as well as a few extra puppies. She loves dogs of all ages and never picks a fight. She is a bit clumsy, and would probably love to spend her days taking relaxed walks and sleeping in a warm soft bed. She does have occasional energy bursts, when she might even start to play with you, but most of all food and cuddling are her thing!

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2015 (approx. 2 years)
PERSONALITY: Starlight came to the shelter along with her brother. They get on amazingly well. She is definitely the quieter of the two and easily makes friends with other dogs. As she is young, she ideally needs daily walks and family play time. She was given the name Starlight because her eyes twinkle like little stars, especially when someone gives her love and attention. She is really eager to please and does not deserve to be in a shelter environment.

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DATE OF BIRTH: 2011 (6 years old)
PERSONALITY: Beauty is extremely loving with people. She is a gentle giant. However, due to the fact she was brutally attacked by a group of dogs as a puppy, and in fact suffered a prolapse as a result, she is wary and distrustful of other dogs. This can translate as aggression in certain situations with other dogs. She is a great house dog; we know this because from time to time, one of our volunteers takes her home for a relaxing weekend away from the Shelter. She is calm, loving, and adores attention and cuddles.

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NAME: Raina
AGE: 2017 (Approx 9 months)
PERSONALITY:Raina whois a German Shepherd/Malinua mix is very affectionate and loves. When she was dumped at the Shelter, with her sister, they were not only terriefied but covered in fleas and ticks. After a good bath they both perked up She is a submissive girl, but happy and energetic. She loves people and other dogs. She is intelligient and learns quickly and is very polite and bell behaved. Her favourite thing to do is eat!!!