Dogs in the shelter

Many dogs are abandoned by locals, some are stray dogs born in the streets. Shelter is hard place for dog, who used to live in the home and get regular walks or run free in the forest with the owner so we try to make the transition as easy as possible, by giving extra attention and placing them in a best possible way. 

Our dogs are living in the shelter in two different ways. Most of the dogs are living in kennels alone or with few other dogs. Some of the dogs are located in dog houses next to our central square, where is also our resting place. We try to give opportunity to each dog spending more time near us, so dogs are circulating between kennel and dog house.

We have volunteers working at the shelter weekly and one of them is a certified dog trainer from Finland. She will work with the dogs and evaluate them, so we know what kind of place is the best for them. The trainer is also happy to help anyone who has adopted a dog from the shelter, providing free consultation. 

We are specially proud of the certificate granted for the owner of the shelter in September 2015 by Mayor of the Municipality.