Adopting an animal through us

If you fell in love with one of our animals, here's how the adoption progress goes: 

1. Send us a message and give us comprehensive view of your family, home and life, so we can best determine, if the animal would be suitable for you. 

2. We will speak with you and give you all the info you need about the adoption progress. 

3. We will arrange a home visit with one of our volunteers. 

4. We will make sure the animal has all needed medical things in order, as well as papers. 

5. You can come pick up your new family member, or we can help to arrange a transportation. 

6. Please send us lots and lots of photos of the new life one of our shelter animals is having! 

7. Become a member in our Gouves Owner Club and share your story, ask questions from other owners and get help if you need it!

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We update the site once a week, so be sure to check in for news as well as the progress bars!

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