Educating the public

The Gouves Animal Shelter believes that educating the public and especially the new generation, is they key to achieve better animal welfare. One way we accomplish this is making connection schools, where we go and speak about our work. We educate the younger generation about proper care of animals and welcome school groups to our shelter. 

We already have one connection school, that has been a huge help. This school has a special club for animal welfare and students come often to the shelter to cuddle with the dogs and to take them out for walks. This is the kind of work that can change things and really make this island a proper place for everyone. 

Right now our target is to have field days at the shelter for students, where we can give them basic knowledge of animal care as well as speak about the importance of neutering their pets, stopping the purchasing of puppies from pet stores and showing what life long relationship with animal can give.

How close are we to the target?



How many field days we did last year?


How many field days we plan to organise?


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