Our partners 

Together we are strong and fortunately the shelter has amazing people, companies and organizations supporting us! 

If you would like to become one of our partners, please 

Essential Foods!

All of our followers from Denmark, UK and Sweden can help us by buying food for their dogs! Essential Foods is a quality food manufacturer, which will donate 3kg of dog food to the shelter, for every purchase of £40/400SEK/400DKK 

Use the code 2KGFOOD4GOUVES! 

Strassenhunde Kreta

This awesome German organisation has been helping us for nearly a decade. They find homes for homeless dogs and they help in many other ways too, which is always much appreciated! 

Until They all Have a Home

Until They all Have a Home is a site made by one of our very own volunteers! She works relentlessly to fundraise so we can give each puppy a fighting chance. With her help we have been able to create a puppy vaccination system, which has saved hundreds of lives.

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