The Gouves Club and "Paws of Thought"

Gouves Club is the easiest and cheapest way to support the animals in need!


If you join the club, you will get


  • our very own online magazine Paws for Thought

  • access to a private Facebook group for the Gouves Club members


You only donate 5€ monthly and this will help the shelter enormously!


The monthly magazine Paws for Thought is filled with stories about our daily lives in the rescue field as well as member offers and even delicious recipes for your four legged friends! 


Click on the right cover and you can read our free edition.

The facebook group is for like-minded people to share their rescue stories, come up with ideas to make life better for the shelter animals and to get the day to day news first!


Join now or read our free issue, fall in love with the content and subscribe!

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