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I came to the shelter in the end of 2018, when I was just a young girl, not even a year old. They rescued me from the streets and since I was lactating, they brought me to the vet to be checked, in case I was pregnant. It was a lucky thing they found me when they did and took me to the vet, since it turned out I had uterus infection! Without the surgery I would have died for sure, but now I am happy and healthy, ready to find a home of my own!

I am happy and active girl, who loves to play with toys and cuddle with people. I don't really care if it's a squeeky toy, a stick or even an empty plastic bottle - I will play with anything! With dogs I can be a bit dominant, because I will be the queen for sure! But maybe I would be okay with a male that would adore me or with a female, that would not be up in my face all the time. Oh and I'm not best with other animals, I do like to chase them a bit, so that might not end up well... But if you are looking for a smart, active and adorable girl to be your new best friend, I will certainly fill the spot!

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