Stavros is leish positive and needs a pill daily.
My Hero for a sick animal is Anne Tokaya. Thank you so much!

The unfortunate Greek

Hi, I am  


My sponsor is 

Marianne Vissenberg

Up to now my life wasn't a very happy one. I was born in 2016. I probably had a home - can't remember very well. I ended up on the streets here on Crete. Of course, I was bitten by a sandfly and was infected with leish. Nobody cared if I wore one of those collars which offer protection.

After that plus the stress from living on the streets to get food and a place to sleep I got thinner and thinner. And I was only skin and bones when I was found.

From then on my life turned upward. But it took me some time, intensive care and cuddles to recover to the handsome boy you see on the pictures.

You have to admit that I am a beau!

No wonder after all that I fell in love with the world again. So, now I am looking for a home. Maybe with people who understand that life is not always nice and can be very nasty. I will need a bit of education and in spite of the leish I am no couch portato.

I am getting along with children and other dogs. Cats and other animals need to be tested - so just ask the friendly people here.

What else should I say? I am waiting.

Please call, Stavros.


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