He unfortunately has Leishmania, but his organs are doing fine and he manages with 2 pills per day.
My Hero for a sick animal is Gemeinsam sind wir stark. Thank you so much!

The mini Labrador

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Mira Eriksson-Erkkilä

I was born in 2015 and came to the shelter in 2020. I was a well known street dog, who was cared for by the locals. They fed me, took me for blood tests and even gave me leishmania medicine in the streets! Me and my friends were what you could call lucky street dogs – living in a safe town with a lot of people who cared for us. But unfortunately something changed and some people started to put poison around the area where we lived. The locals called the shelter immediately so we could get to safety before it was too late. Me and my best friend were saved just in time, but we lost many of our friend in our last days at the streets.

But now we are safely at the shelter, and I’m not too worried anymore. They told me that even though I have Leishmania, my organs are doing fine and that I can manage easily with 2 pills. I am a happy dog who loves every person and dog I meet, so I would be an amazing best friend to a family! Maybe you could give a chance to me?

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