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I was born in the streets of Crete in 2020 with my 3 siblings and unfortunately we didn’t have a great start. A kind local woman found us in an olive field all alone, until she noticed a dog hanging from a tree. This dog, probably our mom, had died as the victim of a horrible cruelty and we had to be taken into safety immediately. Our troubles were not over even when we came to the shelter, as Greece has many puppy diseases that can be lethal for puppies that have parasites and come in weak condition. Fortunately me and her 2 sisters were lucky enough to survive until we had all 3 vaccinations, but our brother passed away because of a difficult parasite situation.

Despite the harsh beginning, I has remained a loving and sweet puppy, who wants to be with people all the time. I am missing a tail, but that doesn't stop my whole body shaking from excitement when volunteers spend time with me. I love cuddles and gentle kisses and truly deserve a family that will show me how family members should be treated. Can we find me a forever home and change my bad luck into a new beginning?


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