Manos has leishmania and needs a pill per day
My Hero for a sick animal is Micheleh Helmstädter. Thank you so much!

Strong but kind

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Marianne Vissenberg

I was found in the end of spring 2020, after I was abandoned to the shelter. I was probably used in dog fights, since my teeth are shaven almost to nothing. People don't recommend me with other animals because of my background and I agree, I would be much happier as the only pet!

With people I am perfect and loving. Of course I have a bit of energy too, as most strong dogs have, but I know how to settle in and relax too. And there are only few things that I love more than cuddling with people or relaxing in a soft place! Maybe out there somewhere the is a special person, that knows how to handle strong dogs like me with a bit challenging background and is willing to give me a loving home?


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