Honey is leish positive and needs a pill per day to stay healthy
My Hero for a sick animal is Anne Tokaya. Thank you so much!

Poor old boy

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Olga van Straten

I was found in 2019 in a terrible condition. Nobody knows if I was owned, or if I had been living in the streets for a long time, but one thing is for sure, I would have died without help.

I was nothing but skin and bones and had huge wounds on my leg, infested with maggots. After months at the vet I finally started to get better but due to my old age, recovery would take a long time and I would need medication for Leishmania for the rest of my life.

Although I am old and been through a lot, I still have much to give. I may not run around like a puppy anymore, but I do love to cuddle and give kisses, take slow walks around the garden and just enjoy the sun on my face.

I would love to find a home that would be there for me until the end and love me, no matter how long or short our time together would be.

I have a foster home! Shelter was starting to be too much for my old bones, so I got to go to an amazing foster home! To get there I had to take a ship and boy was that an adventure for an old boy like me! And you will never guess what I have, a sofa! I'm still looking for a forever home, but until then, I will stay here warm and safe.


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