Unfortunately he has Leishmania, but his organs are doing well and it's managed with 2 pills per day
My Hero for a sick animal is Graeme and Lucy . Thank you so much!

The three legged boy

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Simone Werberger

Hodgson came to the shelter in 2020. He was owned by a local hunter, but Hodgson broke his leg in an accident and wasn't able to perform anymore as a hunter. The owner took him to the vets and paid for a surgery, but unfortunately it was not successful. The vet called us to ask if we could take him in, since the owner wanted to put him to sleep.

Hogdson will need to have the injured leg amputated, because it can not be repaired and it causes him a lot of pain and prevents him from enjoying life to the fullest. The good thing is that he is already perfectly happy using only 3 legs, so we believe this wont be an issue for him.

Hodgson is a sweet and loving boy, who gets along with other dogs well and is filled with love and joy towards life and people.

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