I have no known medical issues but I need blood tests to make sure there are no underlying issues

The black beauty

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Nicole Hauer

I was born in 2016 and came to the shelter in 2019. I was in dreadful condition, skinny as can be. But with time and love I stated to gain weight and I'm rather perfect at the moment!

Even tough I was not in the best condition of my life I never lost my joy for life and I continue to be an energetic and active boy. I love running, playing and spending time with people, so an active household is what I need for sure!

I am good with girls, as I adore them, but I will put overly eager males to their places as once, I wont be pushed around! But if everyone knows their place, I am happy and willing to make new friends too!

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Want to help and make sure our animals are and will stay healhty? With 50€ we can have her tested for the most common diseases like Leishmania and Giardia

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