Gouves Animal Shelter provides protection for stray and injured animals in Crete. The shelter was founded 2009 and since then we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of dogs. Our aim is to give the dogs a second chance, by providing food, shelter and medical care.

The organization doesn't get any financial help from the government, so we rely heavily on kind-hearted people. We have a constant need for vaccinations and worming tablets and in many cases we find dogs that need immediate medical attention or surgery. We have about 170 dogs to feed and take care of every month.

By making a donation, even a small one, you can save a life. One euro can mean so much to them, so if its in any way possible, please consider helping these dogs. Donations can be made to help an individual dog or to a bigger cause, like medical bills. Please visit Guardian Angels needed and Donations page for more information.

We always welcome any donations of food, medicine or other things: collars, leashes, blankets - everything is needed constantly and even cleaning supplies are more than welcome! 

If you're in the neighborhood, living here or maybe on holiday, please do come and visit us. It means so much to the dogs to get some one on one attention, or even a walk! We are situated right next to a beach, so it´s the ideal place for a walk by the sea. It might be a small thing for you but it will be a huge treat for the dog! 

If you are interested in volunteer work, we can help to arrange affordable accommodation and transportation. We always have a need for an extra pair of hands at the shelter! 

We understand that not everyone is able to help financially or to come and spend time with the dogs, but there is something that anyone can do: please share our story with your friends and family. You never know how far the message will go, and how big an influence it can have on our furry friends. 

Even a small donation will help us, please follow the links below:

More than 350 dogs from our shelter have found a home this year. They found love and warm beds all across Europe, with your help!  Our goal is to find homes for all the dogs - especially those that have been in the shelter for a long time, and who's adoption doesn't seem probable. Please help us find homes for them. Here you can watch their video:

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Thank you Reuben Foundation! 
In September 2018, we received an amazing significant donation from the Reuben Foundation! The Reuben Foundation donates to various organizations and we are so honored they decided to help after they heard about our shelter.